Cloud, on premises or hybrid

Deploy M-Files however it suits your organization

No two companies are exactly alike. Therefore, how you deploy software depends on your own set up and preferences.

The choice is yours

M-Files offers flexibility of deployment in the cloud, on premises, or as a hybrid solution.

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The choice is yours

M-Files offers flexibility of deployment in the cloud, on premises, or as a hybrid solution.

One license, multiple options

Use M-Files on-premises, in the cloud, or as a hybrid solution with one license subscription. Easy implementation and automatic updates allow organizations to improve efficiency and enjoy benefits from day one. M-Files is the only true hybrid cloud content services platform available.

Same user experience

Choose a combination of secure cloud-based repositories and mix and match them with on-premises servers while enjoying the same user interface and experience across your business.

Scalability with the cloud

M-Files cloud repositories offer quick time-to-production and endless scalability in a Microsoft Azure-based cloud platform.

Get the most out of your on-premises investment

Local on-premises implementations allow you to optimize your current investment in IT infrastructure.

Easily reap the benefits of both worlds by keeping established records and legacy content on-premises while improving agility and engagement with cloud-based content management services.


Connect your cloud with on-premises repositories easily

M-Files Ground Link provides easy, secure integration of your cloud systems and on-premises repositories and data.

Easy and secure connection between M-Files Cloud and on-premises repositories

All connected systems and repositories can be gathered into one view and you can access on-premises data securely and globally from the M-Files Cloud.

Connect documents in legacy on-premises repositories with your cloud applications

No need to migrate old data to benefit from business-critical documents. Everything can be managed in one view — either in M-Files, or within your favorite daily tools like Microsoft Office 365, G Suite or Salesforce.

No more VPN. Just connect Ground Link Proxy to M-Files Cloud

Ground Link offers a way to connect your M-Files Cloud vaults to your network folders or other repositories allowing them to connect without a direct network path.

Collaboration and mobility combined with control and compliance

When you think about cloud vs. on-premises, it often boils down to control. Cloud solutions offer you collaboration and mobility, whereas on premises applications provide you with full control over your IT environment and established compliance protocols.

Hybrid solutions offer the best of both worlds. Hybrid solutions can offer control, compliance, and management of established records on-premises, as well as the flexible user experience employees are looking for in their everyday work through cloud-based applications. A hybrid infrastructure also eliminates the need for data migration, allowing organizations to keep legacy content where it is.


M-Files Cloud

Manage your documents and information without investing in local server infrastructure and maintenance.

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