Unlock Valuable Insights with M-Files for Office 365

M-Files helps eliminate information chaos, improve process efficiency, and reduce business risk throughout your Microsoft 365 ecosystem, providing holistic, secure access to all relevant enterprise information and reducing human errors.

Single Source Of Truth With Contextual Search

Is it difficult for you to find the information you need in your organization? If your company uses Microsoft 365 Office suite as their primary productivity solution, M-Files can help you optimize your investments in Microsoft 365. While Microsoft tools make content creation and collaboration easy, M-Files provides enhanced support for business processes and information governance.

  • M-Files connects to all repositories and systems to create a single source of truth.
  • Documents are organized around enterprise data for improved context.
  • Search finds information based on what it is rather than where it is.
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A Single Point of Access for Data and Documents

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Access and manage information from non-Microsoft repositories directly in Microsoft Teams, Outlook, SharePoint, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


Microsoft Azure

Single point of access for M-Files log-ins through Azure AD.

Multiply The Power Of Microsoft 365

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See How M-Files Can Transform Your Business

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Have Workflow Automation Embedded Into Microsoft 365

M-Files integrates with Microsoft 365 and acts as a single access point for all enterprise data. You can easily find, access, and manage all connected data through Microsoft's user interfaces, regardless of where it's stored.

  • M-Files guides users when creating new content or filing existing documents.
  • Details like file naming, permissions, or the next reviewer are automated.
  • Workflows, views, tasks, and notifications help keep daily work organized.

Transform Knowledge Work Across Microsoft Teams Channels

Streamline Search

Access data quickly via M-Files, regardless of repository.

Single View

Organize data and documents from any connected system or archive in one view for rapid access.

Native Editing

Edit and manage documents directly in Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Secure Automation

Digitize knowledge work with automated processes, approval workflows, and rock-solid information governance.

Gain Automated Permissions and Built-In Compliance Controls

Do you often discuss the increased risk of non-compliance? Do you have audit trails that can break with access control issues and document duplication?

  • With M-Files, access control is automated and follows the rhythm and rules of the business.
  • Compliance controls are embedded into daily work.
  • Every content access and edit creates an electronic audit trail.

M-Files For Microsoft Office 365

Valuable insight is often locked away in enterprise documents, inaccessible to knowledge workers. The Microsoft 365 suite is easy to use for individuals and teams, larger organizations, particularly those in highly regulated industries. They may encounter difficulties because valuable insights may be hidden within documents, which employees are unaware of and cannot access. Schedule a demo today and start capitalizing on the wealth of information contained within your documents.