Industry-leading, no-code document automation

With M-Files Ment, anyone can learn how to automate the most complex sets of documents in 15 minutes. Say goodbye to information chaos and eliminate unnecessary, repetitive manual work.

The most user-friendly solution around

Automate documents from contracts and client deliverables to internal instructions, process documents and policies. Leverage a rapid automation process that allows you to generate new, compliant documents in no time.

We serve all areas and sizes of business, from professional and financial services to manufacturing, construction, and life sciences.

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Implement document automation your way

No code means NO code: Eliminate pre-produced decision trees, tagging, coding, square bracketing, or complicated structures. Your knowledge workers can build and maintain automated templates easily without an IT background.

Since the training time needed is minimal and there's no need for expensive consultants, the total cost of automation is significantly lower than with many other solutions. Faster automation allows you to automate all your templates in no time. The result? Maximized ROI.

Key Features

M-Files Ment's innovative features are game changers for internal and external work

You're in good company

With Ment, we enhance contractual compliance and release lawyers' time into supporting the most critical cases.

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Legal Counsel, Tietoevry

Business benefits

Get M-Files Ment up and running in two weeks and get ready to experience greater return on investment

The story of M-Files Ment

Kaisa Kromhof transitioned from corporate general counsel to no-⁠code document automation entrepreneur. M-Files Ment was designed with legal documents in mind since the creation of those documents requires inserting and maintaining best practices and alternative wordings into a Word document using square brackets, footnotes, separate “instruction manuals,” etc. This is where the power of automation and smart tools can make all the difference.

Document automation is nothing new, but most products are painful to use, and mastering them requires a steep learning curve and sometimes programming expertise. M-Files Ment’s design philosophy is rooted in understanding core user needs – making these kinds of documents easier to create using sophisticated legal design and harnessing reusable content.


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