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Why M-Files is the right choice

M-Files uses best-in-class artificial intelligence to categorize and find all relevant documents and data, regardless of where they are stored in your business systems.

M-Files also seamlessly integrates with leading digital workplace platforms, allowing your employees and customers to remain focused on the task at hand using the applications they prefer.

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Content management

With M-Files, you can access the information you need instantly. From creation to disposal, it’s a smarter way to manage content.

Project management

Cut your project costs and deliver on expectations. With task automation and a full view of project documents, your staff can focus on delivering value faster.

Client collaboration

Focus on your clients and provide digital client experiences that boost collaboration and grow your business.

Controlled document management

It’s not about where data is stored with M-Files, because everyone works with one single version, available in the right context every time.

Technology integrations

M-Files integrations bring your business together and help you cash in on the investments on IT architecture.

Implementation services

M-Files implementation services provide help, support, and guidance along the entire life cycle of your M-Files journey.

Product Editions:

Choose the right M-Files edition to support your business needs.


Provides comprehensive feature set for building intelligent content management solutions leveraging M-Files
Intelligent Metadata Layer® in the cloud or on-premises.


Extends the standard functionality with integrations to multiple line-of-business applications and office
productivity suites and enables implementation of more advanced document control solutions.


Designed for managing business-critical workloads in compliance with different industry regulations.

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