M-Files Managed Services

Dedicated services to support business growth

M-Files Managed Services are a dedicated services product to ensure undisturbed system usage and continuous development for M‑Files customers and their specific environments. Managed Service supports M‑Files user to work efficiently for his/her Customers with minimized disruptions.

Managed services are based on:

Effective support for your whole information management solution.

A safe and controlled way to implement changes to your solution environment.

Effective support for your whole information management solution.

Why companies love M-Files managed services


Reduced Risk

Managed Services reduces the risk of costly system errors and disruptions.


Increased ROI

With Managed Services companies have the capabilities and knowledge available to utilize M-Files to its full potential within their organization, resulting increased ROI and end-user satisfaction.

M-Files Managed Service offering

Our managed service packages are suitable for all kinds of companies and needs. Choose the level of service best suited for your needs.

Managed Service Silver

Technical consultant at your service. Structured way of managing your solution with regular meetings, solution health check and allocated hours to implement changes.

Managed Service Gold

Service Team at your service. Service Manager and Technical Consultants enabling effective support and controlled changes. In addition to the value offered within Silver, the Gold package includes strategic service roadmap planning days and planning of activities to drive user adoption.

Managed Service Platinum

High value service package with all Gold benefits and more. Annual Information Security check as one key extra benefit atop Gold package.

Managed Service Custom

Service requirements defined together with you.

Want to learn how Managed Services help you grow your business?