Grow Client Books with Efficiency and Compliance

Increase assets under management and your share of wallet through world-class information management.

Make information easy to find and automate routine tasks

  • Improve work quality as master record data is consistently applied into all business documents and client deliverables
  • Enhance client service with a responsive staff that always quickly finds the right files, accounts, and reports
  • Get more from current systems like Salesforce and Teams with integration to the latest client and investment information
  • Manage client books through teams when multiple users working from anywhere can access common suitability and investment data
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Reduce business risk and ensure compliance

  • Reduce risk by minimizing error-⁠prone manual data entry and storage decisions while improving security and auditability
  • Prevent data leaks through controls that make information visible only to those in the right role, level and account assignment
  • Streamline audit cycles by making information easily accessible and provide proof of proper oversight procedures
  • Automate controls to ensure your firm’s processes comply with SEC and GDPR regulations


Improve customer service with collaborative workspaces

  • Share with confidence across service teams no matter where documents are stored
  • Capitalize on investment windows by communicating and collaborating across teams and with clients in real-⁠time
  • Avoid transactional errors by ensuring your teams and clients always operate from the correct versions of information
  • Accelerate business activities as documents are immediately made available for review and approval between firm and client


Realize >200% return on your firm’s investment

  • Automate your unique processes so you can handle larger and more diverse client books without adding staff
  • Leverage current investments by making client and investment documents visible and accessible through CRM and collaboration tools
  • Reduce risk with compliance tools that allow you to spend less time on audits and avoid costly penalties with the SEC and GDPR

Financial Services Leaders Endorse the M-Files Advantage

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The efficiency gains create more opportunities to spend consulting time with clients, which offers added value for them.

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Make the most of your client information and manage it efficiently.


For almost two decades, M-⁠Files has delivered information management solutions and accumulated a wealth of expertise around industry-⁠specific best practices. Our Client Information Management solution covers the business processes and data governance related to the management of clients, client engagements, and client confidential information. While our solution forms the foundations based on best practices, the final solutions can always be tailored to the unique requirements of your business.

Optimize your processes and reduce the risk of non-compliance

Compliance Enforcement

Boost productivity

Organize client information for quick discovery and reuse in different contexts and roles.

Document Management

Improve quality and consistency

Support client engagement delivery with workflows, document templates, and version control.


Enforce client confidentiality

Simplify confidential client data governance with automated permissions and built-⁠in process controls.


Improve client satisfaction

Provide a superior client experience with seamless exchange of data and a collaborative workspace.

How Successful Financial Services Firms Use M-Files

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Crowe UK

Find out why Crowe UK chose to implement M-Files for fully connected content, an intuitive user experience, and intelligent workflow automation.

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Customer Case Study

Future-proof your business by enabling secure access to documents and information while minimizing risk with M-Files.

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The M-Files Impact

Get up to 270% return on investment with low cost of initial entry and fast time to value.

Improve customer service

When team members can quickly find the information they need and have their role tasks automated, they can create on stronger client interactions.

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Grow your client roster

Spend more time on difference-makers – pitching new business, client relationships, expert reviews – with the right data at your fingertips.

Reduce business risks

Spend less time tracking and reporting SEC and GDPR compliance and protect sensitive data through role-based permission controls.

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Build client trust and satisfaction

Give customers a better engagement experience through secure real-time portals that increase transparency and accelerate turnaround.

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Upgrade deliverables quality

Work quality goes up when errors from usage of incorrect data are eliminated and reviews are automatically routed to your firm’s experts.

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Faster, simpler implementation

Eliminate the disruption of data migration and get more productive faster in clicks, not code.

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