Work with documents

Create, find, save, edit, or archive documents


Keep your workforce productive

No more wasted time looking for documents that can’t be found, or manually trying to keep track of different versions of a document. You can make working with documents a snap: easy, convenient, and secure.

Create documents from templates

Creating documents with M-Files is intuitive. You simply use the tools you know — Microsoft Office, Google Workspace — and M-Files does the rest.

Create templates that take content from your business systems — like CRM or ERP — to prefill documents with standard data.

Save documents

In a typical folder-based set up, users are left wondering where exactly they should save a document — a customer folder, a project folder, a topic folder. Additionally, they need to know how to name the document for it to be found later. We do this differently — with metadata.

Don’t worry about where

With M-Files, no need to worry where to save information. If you know what it is, it will all be available with search.

Just tag it

Use metadata tags to describe your content: the customer name, the project, the contact person, the due date, or any relevant data.

Let M-Files help you

M-Files automates tagging, so you don’t have to. Let M-Files suggest the right tags based on the content of the document.

Why organize content with metadata?

Metadata helps label information based on what the piece of information is. This means it is easier to actually find what you need with a simple search, and it is possible to make connections between different documents to give a full picture on specific topics.



Search for documents

The typical organization stores files and content in at least three different — and disconnected — content repositories. That impacts productivity when staff can’t find the information they need quickly and accurately.

M-Files Search functions set you free from the constraints of location.

Find what you need

All information can be found in context — by what it is. Type in what you are looking for, and the exact information you need is a couple clicks away.

Create a single source of truth

Connect M-Files to your business systems and get a full view of data across systems and applications — all relevant information in one view.

Find what’s critical

Connect M-Files to your legacy systems and archives and discover business-critical data — like information containing personally identifiable information.

Don’t worry about migration

With connections to your existing systems, you can deploy M-Files with zero disruption. You don’t need to migrate information immediately. Just plan and execute a sound information strategy.

Find information quickly with dynamic views and pre-defined searches. Simply define your filters and any related documents will automatically flow into the appropriate view.

Access with mobile devices

Working from home, customer site, or on the road in a hotel, train or airplane?
No worries. Access your information with the web or mobile client. All content connected to M-Files can be accessed with a mobile device — no matter which system or even network folders it’s in. The native app keeps your work smooth and efficient.

Scan documents

Scan documents on the go by taking a photo and saving it in M‑Files.

Review and approve

Review and approve documents directly from your phone.

eSign with a phone or tablet

eSign with a phone or tablet to keep work moving from anywhere you might be.

Need to work but don’t have internet access?

No internet and you still need to work with documents? Switch to Offline mode anytime to work with your documents while outside a network connection. Once you connect back, your information will automatically sync back to M-Files.


Work from your favorite daily tools

Whether it’s Microsoft Teams or SharePoint or Salesforce that you use in your daily routine, you can remain connected to the information you need. Stop the unnecessary switching between apps. M-Files integrations allow you to use the tool of your choice as the user interface for finding, accessing, editing, and managing documents.

Keep track of the right version

You want to make sure that you are always working with the latest version of your documents. When documents are shared by email or stored in disconnected folders and systems, it’s impossible to quickly find the right version.

In M-Files, there is only one definitive copy of a document. Imagine emailing a document with a link rather than an attachment, so that everyone always accesses the same, up-to-date version.

Additionally, M-Files can automatically detect and alert users to duplicate content. You can also compare a document to the previous version of the document, or to a different document.


Edit and save directly in Microsoft tools

M-Files integrates tightly with Microsoft Office. You can quickly and easily save documents directly from Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. And you can save email content directly to M-Files to allow access to others.

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